IESS brands India as a ‘smart manufacturing’ hub encouraging and exposing the local manufactures to use ‘smart factory’!

We continue with our 4 year old theme # Smart Engineering for the 5th consecutive time and we expect more participation from all quarters of Industry and Academia to enrich and elevate our event to a global league!

‘Smart manufacturing’ synonymously used with ‘Industry 4.0’, shortened to I4.0 or simply I4 is a technology-driven approach. India, as one of the 53 member countries of the Industrial Development Board of UNIDO and with the 3rd largest technology start up base in the world, holds a promise and a hope that 10 Crore Jobs will be created in the manufacturing sector with a four fold growth in the manufacturing sector by 2025

India has shown that It Can!- with two historic highs in Exports in FY 22- USD 419.7 billion in overall merchandise and USD 112.1 billion in Engineering Exports.

The Government of India has setup a target of USD 476 Billion overall merchandise exports for FY 2022-23 and USD 127.79 billion for Engineering Sector . IESS X will be an important milieu of manufacturers, exporters, importers, buyers, technology providers, and government representatives to achieve this target.

Nicknamed as the Detroit of Asia, Chennai has 35% of India’s Auto Component Industry, 30% of India’s Automobile Industry and is the Manufacturing base of around 23 Auto Majors. The city has the world’s second largest research valley and is one of the leading electronics hardware exporters in India making the favourite spot for IESS.

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The largest Engineering Extravaganza on Indian Soil is getting draped with the Biggest of Biggies in the Industry

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Mr. Suranjan Gupta, Executive Director,
EEPC India

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