Advantage Coimbatore

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai is the third largest city of the state and one of the greatest industrialized cities in South India
One among the fastest growing tier-II cities in India and the largest non-metro city for e-commerce in South India


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Known as the textile capital or the Manchester of the South
The city contributes to about 75% of the 1 lakh total monthly output of wet grinders in India.

“Coimbatore Wet Grinder” and “Kovai Cora Cotton” are Geographical Indications by the Government of India
Referred to as “the Pump City” as it supplies nearly 50% of India’s requirements of motors and pumps

A major centre for the manufacture of automotive components in India with car manufacturers Maruti Udyog and Tata Motors sourcing up to 30%, of their automotive components from the city.
Home to around 25,000 small, medium, large scale industries and textile mills

Famous for foundry and manufacturing of textile industry equipment’s, spares and varied engineering goods and services.
Chosen as a future smart city under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission

The city is the second largest software producer in Tamil Nadu, next only to Chennai.
Coimbatore has sister city relationship with Toledo, Ohio in the U.S. and German city of Esslingen

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